Friday, April 3, 2015

Catfish #6: wrestlingchick and chappie020

All thanks to sandyyy_!!!! I did not do this! She did!

Hi everyone. Im here right now to warn everyone who's ever interacted with the user wrestlingchick. This person is NOT a female. He is a guy. He is a white guy who gets off on black females fighting white people (male or female). I just found out that HE IS/WAS ALSO ANOTHER USER. He was CHAPPIE020. I don't know if he blocked me on that account too or if it's just been deleted. He blocked me when I pointed out that I know about all this. He's a PERVERT. He makes up weird disgusting stories that would make anyone uncomfortable. Do not talk to him if he comes into your inbox or asks you questions!

He has a YouTube account if anyone wants to see what I mean about the fighting. I blocked him before and he made a new account as a female to try to talk to me again. I can't find my messages from him as chappie020 so I'll show him as wrestlingchick. There's nothing too bad. The chappie020 ones were MUCH creepier and I wish I could show them in order to properly warn people.