Sunday, June 21, 2015

Catfish: MegHousden

Watch out. This rockstar likes sending vaginas.

Lets start with the boobs. This chick sent an email to my bro with boobs, ass, vagina. THAT ARE ALL NOT HERS! CATFISHING DUDES FOR ATTENTION! YOU GO GIRL!

Email from her to him..said it was her boobs.

Internet boobs.
Her suppose ass.
Google has some nice ass.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Catfish #6: wrestlingchick and chappie020

All thanks to sandyyy_!!!! I did not do this! She did!

Hi everyone. Im here right now to warn everyone who's ever interacted with the user wrestlingchick. This person is NOT a female. He is a guy. He is a white guy who gets off on black females fighting white people (male or female). I just found out that HE IS/WAS ALSO ANOTHER USER. He was CHAPPIE020. I don't know if he blocked me on that account too or if it's just been deleted. He blocked me when I pointed out that I know about all this. He's a PERVERT. He makes up weird disgusting stories that would make anyone uncomfortable. Do not talk to him if he comes into your inbox or asks you questions!

He has a YouTube account if anyone wants to see what I mean about the fighting. I blocked him before and he made a new account as a female to try to talk to me again. I can't find my messages from him as chappie020 so I'll show him as wrestlingchick. There's nothing too bad. The chappie020 ones were MUCH creepier and I wish I could show them in order to properly warn people.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Catfishing #4: TheEmma and LauraMarx and Alexzktra

Post #5: TheEmma and LauraMarx and Alexzktra

Both lesbians with girlfriends who are of the same beliefs.

Oh she is from Ireland yet doesn't know Irish. Come on. They stopped responding after they realised my associate and I were on to them.

What are you so afraid of Laura? Hmm? She never responded after I told her I wouldn't take her off. So defensive too. Almost like a catfish would. A real person would message me their picture so I can take them off my list but she acts like a fool. Yes Laura, you are a fucking fool. Deal with it.

Catfishing #3: worldispathetic

Post #4: worldispathetic I told her to change her picture. Gave me a bullshit excuse. "Perverts will come after me" which is why you put a picture of a hot chick? Yeah..

Catfish #1: Marissa1300

Post #1 : Marissa1300 (AKA Poop Lover) - A guy who is pretending to be a 13 year old. Sickening.

"She wanted to talk about poop. She would message saying she had to poop at school but was embarrassed about people hearing her so she asked what should she do. She said she wanted to go home to poop but she couldn't hold it any more so she told me she was going to go at school. I just said then go. She messaged me about twice for it." -Anonymous

Catfishing Hall of Fame and Rules

NOTE: If any of you were wrongly accused, do contact me with three pictures. I will never show the pictures and I will erase you from my list and apologise officially. I am doing this cause GAG loves removing my posts over catfishes. All of these individuals were warned prior and chose to ignore the warning.

AnimeDreama - Thanks to CommieDearest
SandPlanet (and other of his accounts) -Thanks to CommieDearest
crazyincalifornia (who is back, if any of you know anything about this, message me!!)

 xHeartFeltSorrow!  Pretending to be two different people. JUST HEARD SHE LEFT! ONE DOWN!

Essexskank123 JUST LEFT! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!